Himavarsha Madala
3 min readSep 17, 2021

what is zenity?

Zenity is an open source and a cross-platform application which displays GTK+ Dialog Boxes in command-line and using shell scripts. It allows to ask and present information to/from shell in Graphical Boxes. The application lets you create Graphical dialog boxes in command-line and makes the interaction between user and shell very easy.

Zenity Features

  1. FOSS Software
  2. Cross Platform Application
  3. Allow GTK+ Dialog Box Execution
  4. Command Line Tool
  5. Support in Shell Scripting


  1. Easy GUI Creation
  2. Less features than other complex Tools
  3. Enables shell scripts to interact with a GUI users
  4. Simple dialog creation is possible for graphical user interaction

these are various options using zenity..

#man zenity
This will command will help checking zenity options

these are various options using zenity..

1.A quick calander dialog

#zenity --calander

2. A General text Entry Dialog Box

#zenity --entry

3. An error Dialog Box

#zenity --error

4.An information dialog

#zenity --info 
#zenity --info --text="hello linux"

5. A question Dialog box

#zenity --question

6. A progress Bar

#zenity --progress

7. Scale Dialog

#zenity --scale

8. A Password Dialog

#zenity --password

9. A Form Dialog box

#zenity --forms

10. An about Dialog

#zenity --about

11.Interactive Dialog box

zenity --info --title="Nice Meeting You" --text="Your Name?"